Individual Coaching Program


The insight gained from individual assessments and professional guidance, provides access to the knowledge of human behaviour and driving forces and how that can be translated into skill-sets that increase individual’s ability to enhance his or her personal level of productivity; while also developing the skills for motivating others.


The Program is designed to develop a practical action plan to enhance individual’s performance. It offers strategies for working with, leading, managing, or selling to others, depending on the objectives set.


You will benefit from the Program, if you:

  • Want to enhance your communication and negotiation skills
  • Want to improve relationships with your stakeholders (e.g., colleagues, customers, partners) 
  • Want to improve your performance and increase satisfaction from your job
  • Want to further develop your leadership skills
  • Deliver presentations, participate in negotiations, facilitate meetings, lead or work in a team
  • Results

    As a result of the Program you will:

  • Reveal your potential, hidden talents and skills, your strengths and limitations
  • Get Insights on what motivates you and moves you to action
  • Improve relationships with colleagues
  • Enhance communication, improve performance and increase satisfaction from your job
  • Improve your time management skills
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Create your IDP (Individual Development Plan)
  • Method

    Automated online assessment, coaching sessions (in person or via Skype)

    What's included *

  • Personal TTI Talent Insights® Report (includes: DISC® behavioural assessment and Driving Forces™ assessment)
  • Professional Consultation in a form of coaching sessions (three sessions, one hour each)
  • The Program Outline

  • Personal TTI Talent Insights® Report
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions (one hour each):
  • 1. Understanding your behavioral style, your strengths and potential limitations. Learn how to recognize styles of others and how to communicate with them

    2. Understanding your WHY and what moves you to action. Finding out how your behaviour and motivators blend together. Defining your strengths and potential conflicts. Getting insights into how to enhance your performance and overall satisfaction from your job

    3. Creating your IDP (Individual Development Plan) based on your goals and assessment results

    * - Subject to customization based on the objectives set and developmental needs

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