What Is Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership in a non-judgmental and safe space. Coaching increases your self-awareness, supports you in finding empowerment and motivation, gives you insights and tools to realize your full potential.

Through deep, powerful and meaningful conversations, coaching helps you identify what are your goals and how to achieve them, overcome your fears and see new possibilities, discover your inner knowledge and wisdom, develop your own answers and solutions, stay focused and accountable for achieving your goals. This partnership enables you to reach and enjoy a state of passionate commitment to create a life you LOVE to live.

Imagine that life is a three-course dinner. You've eaten an appetizer - it is your past, the second course you have chosen and you are eating now - this is your present. What would you like to order for dessert?

Menu is in your hands, and the choice is yours ...

What Coaching IS NOT

Coaching is not counseling, therapy or consulting. Counseling, or therapy, often looks to the past in order to discover HOW you got where you are now. Life coaching, on the other hand, looks forward to the future in order to make a reasonably good life even better. Read more ...

How can coaching help me?

Coaching helps people in many different aspects of their lives. Sometimes the process involves work on a specific issue or area of life where the client needs some support and assistance, for example:

  • Find ways to increase income
  • Plan personal finances
  • Make a decision
  • Choose an area for further development
  • Develop a particular skill

  • Improve a relationship with a family member
  • Improve a relationship with a colleague

  • Change career
  • Complete a project at work

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Life / work balance
  • Improve quality of leisure time

In other cases, the coach is asked to provide support and guidance in addressing a broader issue, such as:

  • What to do with my life?
  • What is my calling?
  • How to be successful and happy at the same time?
  • How to adapt to the new job, new job position, new country?
Read More ...

Whatever problem you might bring to a coach, this partnership will be a catalyst for major changes in your life. I have often witnessed the transformational power of coaching. Even if you decide to work on only one specific aspect of your life, these advances would inevitably lead to improvements in other areas. As a consequence, the overall quality of your life will rise to a new level.

Let’s reflect on one of very common life situations as an example:

You have studied a lot, made sacrifices and put off the things you wanted to do as you worked really hard. And here you are now, you have achieved a lot in one or even several aspects of your life. Everything is good .... until that moment when questions pop up in your head, What’s next? What's the point? Is there more? Why am I here? Am I happy? What will happen and who I will be in 5, 10 years ....? The answers that come to your mind, or even lack thereof, are not inspiring. You become aware of a need to make changes in your life, but you don’t know WHAT to change and HOW to do it.

Even if you figured out the things you would like to change, start doing, try or experience in your life, you are still unsure:

  • This is not a good time. The right time will come when ..... (kids grow up, I get that promotion, I save some money, buy a house, etc.)
  • I'm too young/old, poor/rich, inexperienced / experienced, smart/stupid, overqualified / under qualified, etc.
  • Everyone will think I am crazy
  • I don’t know how to do it, so I’ll fail
  • Who am I to go for it? Who do I think I am?
  • It's impossible
  • I have too much to lose
  • My husband/wife, parents, friends or colleagues say that there is no way I can succeed
  • Too long until it pays off, if at all
  • The risk is too high, etc.

There are many different ways to call this: the Inner Voice, or even the Inner Gremlin. Most importantly, this is exactly what stands in everyone’s way to a fulfilling, successful and happy life. This Inner Critic (let’s call it that) cultivates in us a strong belief and makes a compelling argument as to why we should not even think about acting on our most important goals and dreams.

This Inner Critic wants to keep you safe, which is at the same spot you are now, where everything is more or less known and clear. It does not want you to explore new possibilities as they always involve uncertainty and hence, risk.

Coaching can help you transform your Inner Critic into an Inner Ally, by supporting and guiding you all the way towards the achievement of your most cherished goals.


Life coaching is an action-oriented and solution-based approach where you are not just listened to but offered effective solutions to help you reach your goals. Through the coaching conversations, exercises, various tools and techniques, reflection, powerful questioning and inquiry, coaching helps you in many aspects of your life.

Moreover, a coach gives you the tools and techniques, using which you will be achieving your goals more effectively going forward.

Emotional Well-being

  • Finding empowerment and motivation
  • Understanding and accepting yourself
  • Overcoming inner fears
  • Developing the ability to believe in yourself, your abilities, your uniqueness and your success
  • Improving the ability to celebrate achievements

Personal Growth

  • Taking responsibility for your own life and results
  • Discovery of an inner knowledge and wisdom
  • Finding your answers and solutions
  • Awareness of and further development of your strengths
  • Leadership skills development

Personal Effectiveness

  • Focus on achieving YOUR goals
  • Expanding your choice of possibilities, decisions or actions
  • Finding the most effective ways to achieve your goals
  • Achievement of your goals, tangible results
  • Project management skills development
  • Achieving life/work balance


  • Discovery of new possibilities
  • Developing visualization skills
  • Generation of new ideas and refinement of the existing ones

Physical Well-being

  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving the ability to manage stress
  • Improving overall physical well-being


  • Improving relations with family and friends
  • Developing or enhancing communication skills
  • Improving listening skills and increasing understanding of others

Inner Values

  • Working on a deeper understanding of your inner values
  • Making decisions in alignment with your inner values
  • Finding hidden meaning or a true calling

Financial well-being

  • Making smart decisions
  • Finding new sources of income
  • Develop skills for effective management of your finances
  • Improving financial well-being