Renata Kuprinskiene is a Life Coach with a sharp mind and a generous heart who is always open to possibility. Her coaching training with Erickson International integrates the systematic with the intuitive. By drawing from a spectrum of tools and processes, including her well-honed style of inquiry, she assists clients in uncovering their unique buried treasure, piece by piece, offering customized strategies to achieve their goals – both personal and professional.

Whether moving through the corporate landscape, or adapting to living in four countries, her curiosity and passion for building relationships remain a central part of her success. Proficient in English, Lithuanian, and Russian, Renata is a highly skilled and accomplished trainer, team leader, and facilitator, specializing in personal and group coaching.

For over 15 years, Renata worked with the International consulting firm, Ernst and Young, where she earned globally recognized certifications. She serviced clients from a wide range of industries on business and leadership related issues. As a project manager, team builder, and workshop facilitator, Renata’s client-centered approach made her a trusted advisor to everyone she worked with.

Renata’s thirst for learning has always driven her pursuit of excellence. Both practical and philosophical, she’s inspired by authors ranging from Daniel Kahneman to Ekhart Tolle, and is attracted to subjects like emotional intelligence, leadership psychology, and personal growth.

In coaching, she is present for every step of the journey, whether it’s her own or her client’s, by facilitating meaningful and sustainable change. Drawing and integrating from many models, Renata always appraises her techniques by first testing their effectiveness on herself.

The name of her company, RElive, is inspired by her name. Renata, in Latin, means “live again” and this is a powerful symbol for her work. Whether her clients enhance their careers, create more balance, or achieve improved leadership skills and personal relationships, she thrives on witnessing the renewal and extraordinary results that life coaching brings.


Robert Ingersol

Personal Story
  • I have always been passionate about continuous personal growth, learning and self-development, as well as being able to share my knowledge and experience with others. Today, I am living my dream, which to me, means living in alignment and harmony with my true inner values. It means waking up each morning looking forward to the day ahead, and going to bed each night feeling proud and content with the day’s accomplishments. The greatest reward for me today, is being aware that I can help someone make a positive change in their life, and I feel honored to be able to observe this transformation take place.

    However, it has not always been this way ...

Quick facts
  • My life to date has been rich in events and circumstances that taught me to keep reinventing myself. I had been through many changes, made mistakes and learned my lessons...


Key principles
  • Every person is a distinct and unique universe. And we must treat each universe with care and respect...

  • Renata is an accomplished professional in several fields of expertise, and anything she does is accompanied by her two passions...


  • Life coach with more than 10 years of experience in one-on-one coaching, team coaching and on-the-job coaching...