Thank you for compassion and guidance!

I was very fortunate to work with Renata. She is a warm and joyful person who is fun to work with. She very capably and intuitively guided me to establishing clear, inspiring and achievable goals. She asked the right questions and brilliantly pulled things together into a clear and focussed path. She showed me the tools to keep myself organized, inspired and moving forward.

Renata is a lovely balance of understanding and compassion for one's unique challenges, along with an optimistic determination that inspires you to move past them. Thank you!

Dawn B., Musician. Toronto. September, 2016

Invaluable Insights! I do recommend!

Renata has a unique gift for creating a sense of peace and well-being in her clients from the very moment a session begins. At the end of her coaching sessions, you walk away feeling grounded, with a better sense of clarity in terms of how to move forward with the next steps of your personal journey.

She is a gentle and extremely knowledgeable guide who has helped me gain invaluable insight into managing major life changes, aligning my goals with confidence, and drawing on my own inner capacities to achieve my personal aspirations.

I truly value the support and wisdom Renata has given me, and I would recommend her to any woman seeking expert, compassionate guidance on her path.

Trish H.M., Ph.D., Business Owner, Researcher, Toronto. January, 2016

Thank you for helping bring color to my life and confidence to my future!

I’d like to begin my story with what brought me to Renata. I was at a crossroad: whether to live my life hoping that one day things would get better, or to get out of my comfort zone and change my life there and now!!! That was when I found myself in Renata’s capable hands. Indeed, her capable and magic hands!

Renata found the hidden buttons in my mind and in my subconscious, and showed me how to activate them. Before meeting Renata, I did not know what coaching was and how one could benefit from it. I met Renata at a very difficult stage of my life's journey. It has only been a little over a month, but Renata already helped me reach a place where I can view my future with confidence!

It is not as simple as it sounds. I am prone to doubts, overanalyzing things and giving in to my fears. Being confident in my future takes hard work every day. I still experience my doubts and fears, but now I know how to get them out of my way of reaching where I want to be. Any time I feel uncertainty or doubt, I hear Renata’s voice in my head. She knows the magic phrases that can change your life, but only if you really put your mind to it!

I am grateful to Renata for helping me paint my life in vibrant colors! I wish her every success as she builds on her life’s work! It is wonderful to be able to make people happy. It is a rare gift, and Renata has it! Come and see for yourself!*

Anna S., Senior Manager in Marketing Department, Sochi. October, 2015
*Translation from the Russian language

Very powerful and deep coaching

Renata is an awesome coach, very powerful and deep. It’s not possible to slip her a superficial problem, she always gets to the core, even to the one I was not consciously aware of. Work with Renata is always a huge flow of positive and profound meaning. We both went through laughter and tears, but always, every time, I have found for myself something very important and valuable. Each session brings a small (and often big) insight. This is true transformational coaching, changing myself and the life around me.

Renata has helped me to solve some very important personal matters that were relevant to me for several years, and now I discover more and more new horizons!

The rich experience of Renata, her skills and knowledge in various areas of personal development are an amazing mix that makes her a unique coach with whom I was fortunate to work with.

I see a huge benefit of our long-term relationship, which allows me to reveal all the best of me and just taking small steps each day to change my life for the better!

Thank you for that!*

- Olga N., Mortgage Agent, Toronto. September, 2015
*Translation from the Russian language

Professional and effective. Thank you!

I had several sessions with Renata, and it was my first experience in my life of working with a coach. I want to thank Renata and say that our sessions helped me a lot!

As a result of the sessions, I was able to look at my situation from a different angle. This was the basis for the identification of the root causes of my issues. Meanwhile, some observations Renata made helped me identify major contradictions in my thoughts and actions. This in turn prompted the creation of the necessary plan of action.

I was not able to sort everything out on my own, and sessions with Renata helped me to better understand and assess the situation and become fully confident in my actions.

Thank you!*

- Martha K., Manager in an oil Company, Moscow. September, 2015
*translation from the Russian language

Many thanks for the process and the results!

Renata, thank you for the sessions! The time I spent with you was not only a benefit to my personal development but also a pleasant experience. After only a couple of sessions I realized that a dream may stay a dream unless I take responsibility for its realization. A post-it note saying "Make a commitment to yourself” is still there on my mirror.

Couching helped me to make my first baby steps towards my dream, and with each and every step I could feel more and more empowered and excited about what's next. It was a visualization technique in particular that helped me the most. Your hear the question, after that a moment of complete silence in my head....wait for it...wait for it....and I could see, sense and feel with all my body what it would be like living my dream in real life.

Thank you very much for taking me on a "Trip to Mastery". Through understanding of each stage of the development of my project, it gave me a great relief and more confidence, so I could enjoy the process all the way.

Looking forward to my next meeting with you, Renata!

- Jelena M., Booking and Sales, Norway. August, 2015

Highly recommended. This was very helpful!

My wife and I are very grateful for the opportunity Renata gave us, to experience coaching. We heard a lot about it, but had never tried it before. We are both very busy people, but thanks to Renata’s professional and clear explanations about what coaching is and how it could help us, we both decided to try one-on-one sessions with her.

We both have good jobs and we have a wonderful family, but the constant lack of time and emerging issues keep us under constant stress, increase the tension in our family and keeps us from enjoying our life.

Renata is a great listener, she will hear you out and understand your issues. And, most importantly, at the right moment she will help you turn your thoughts in the right direction, in the direction of finding the solution. After the first session Renata's approach led me to a number of good ideas, answers to many questions, and concrete decisions. Our relationship with my wife improved markedly, and work priorities become clear.

I sincerely recommend that you use Renata’s professional services, and see for yourself the real benefits and value of coaching. *

- Ainis Z. Country Manager, Vilnius. July, 2015
*Translation from the Lithuanian language