Life coaching focuses on moving from current state to desired future, it is always about personal development and growth. Often people ask how coaching is different from other professions? Let’s look at some of the differences:


Future driven Past driven
Focused on personal development and growth, empowerment and inspiration Focused on problem solving, understanding and acceptance
Focused on actions Focused on feelings
Clients are dissatisfied with their current situation and want to improve it Deals with dysfunctions or conditions
Relationship represents a partnership There is a doctor and a patient (hierarchical)


Clients set their own goals and generate their own solutions. Coach supports them, facilitates the process Consultant diagnoses areas for improvement and recommends and, sometimes, implements solutions
Coach is a partner Consultant is the expert
Coaching is non-judgmental environment Consultant makes an assessment of the current state and its deficiencies


Client already has all the recourses to be a success. Coach supports client to increase awareness and to realize his/her full potential In mentoring a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person
In general coaching is more structured in nature and sessions are scheduled on a regular basis Mentoring can be more informal and meetings can take place when there is a need for some advice or guidance
Coaching relationship generally has a set duration Mentoring can last for indefinite period of time


A coach is an expert in coaching process and structure Trainer is a subject matter expert
A coach controls the process, the client is the one who owns the content The training is driven by the trainer, who controls most of both the process and the content in order to effectively transfer knowledge or develop a new skill
A coach facilitates the client’s insights by using active listening and asking powerful questions skills Trainer teaches/trains the client by instructing and telling what and showing how