Creating Your Own Path to Success

The main goal of coaching is to empower you and support you in the realization of your full potential and transitioning towards the life you desire. In coaching, the starting point is your aspiration for personal growth and for making a change. It’s about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

In my practice, I use a combination of coaching processes ( transformational models for empowerment developed through the studies of human mind and thinking patterns) and coaching tools (solution driven questioning frameworks). Through those, I assist my clients to move quickly to the heart of an important, life-altering decision or discovery and to draw their own customized path to success.

Building Rapport
  • The transformational nature of coaching implies that sessions are held in a safe and supportive environment based on mutual respect and trust between the client and the coach. This is key to the achievement of my client’s goals and reaching the desired future.
Active Listening
  • Active listening goes beyond simply verbal communication. This stimulates a deeper understanding of the client’s core values and desires for both the coach and the client. And when you are being heard, understood and challenged at this level, your life changes.
Powerful Questions
  • The coach asks direct, evocative questions that elicit a significant thinking effort or challenge the client to look at issues from a different point of view. Such questions often empower the clients to find their hidden strength and wisdom. Questions from a life coach will help visualize the desired future and move toward it.

Transformational processes
  • As an experienced project manager and facilitator, the coach helps you discover a whole new way to navigate towards your own sustained success. This allows my clients to move forward in dealing with complex issues and selecting the best action to take.
Goal setting and planning
  • The coaching process is always focused on finding solutions and achieving results. Effective goal setting is one of the key elements to success. The coach hears and helps the client to clearly articulate and formulate the goal that is positive, is under the client’s control, aligned with other aspects of the client’s life and has been tested to meet specific criteria. After the goal is set, the coach helps the client to formulate the action plan and achieve the goal.
Creating accountability
  • In order to bring the set plan to fruition and to manage the change, it is essential that the client takes ownership and responsibility for achieving the desired outcome. Through the coaching process, the clients are guided to improve self-discipline and personal effectiveness, adjust any self-limiting attitudes and beliefs, develop new and productive habits, set clear goals and become proficient in achieving them with commitment and passion.

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