SUCCESS DISCOVERY Relationships Program

Relationships are priceless. Every day we interact with people: at home, at work, during our leisure time.

Have you ever wondered why do you seem to get along with some people and have harder time with others? Some relationships work just perfectly for you, others can be more challenging.

A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to tension, disappointment, conflict, stress, and even to feeling of being lonely and unhappy.

Does any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • I want to improve relationships with my partner but don’t know how
  • I wish I understood my partner better, and, honestly, I wish my partner understood me better
  • I’m tired of conflicts that keep happening over and over again
  • It seems that we disagree on so many things that I don’t know if we are a right fit for each other
  • I don’t like people taking advantage of my good nature
  • It seems like I never get what I want when interacting with others
  • It is so important for us to maintain healthy and successful relationships! However, it requires a certain amount of effort and understanding of yourself and others:

  • HOW I do the things I do
  • WHY I do the things I do
  • WHAT impact it has on my relationships
  • Answering to the above questions is a huge step toward developing healthy, happy, sustainable relationships. When we seek first to understand our own behavior, how we react in stressful situations and how we respond to conflict, then we can begin to appreciate the differences in others, and adapt our behavior to create more open and respectful communication.

    This Program may be a solution to help you become closer to those you love

    The process is simple. Results are invaluable!

    How it works

  • You fill in a questionnaire and get your Personal TTI Talent Insights® Report, or Personal Family Relationships Report
  • You schedule one-on-one coaching session where the results of the assessment are discussed and analyzed in depth
  • You get a clear understanding on your communication style, how you respond to conflict, what causes you stress, and how it impacts your relationships

    You learn how to improve your relationships by knowing yourself better, your “hot buttons” and “sensitive spots”.

    You will learn how to recognize the style of significant other, his or her preferences, and how to value and accommodate them for the good of your relationships

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