Welcome to RElive coaching, where you will discover a renewed road to success!

Whatever brings you here, be it simple curiosity, a desire to improve your life, or if you are just keen on learning about the much talked-about concept of coaching, I am sure anyone can learn something interesting and useful.

Working with a personal coach can be one of the most important decisions of your life and finding a good match should take you some time and effort.

As a Leadership and Life Balance Consultant and Coach, I support my clients in producing extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives while enjoying every step along the way.

Whether you feel stuck in your current situation, at your job, or personal life — change is just an inspired conversation away. So, let’s do it!

With love,

Renata Kuprinskiene

Meet your coach Renata

I help people facing a change or with a strong desire for a change.

As a Consultant and a Coach, I incorporate a combination of techniques and processes that facilitate deep understanding, transformation and empowerment. My clients move quickly to the heart of important, life-altering decisions, drawing from their own customized path to success.

Whether you enhance your career, achieve improved leadership skills, or strengthen your personal and professional relationships, I thrive on witnessing the extraordinary results that Life Coaching provides.

How RElive Coaching can help you


RElive Coaching is a talent management solutions provider specializing in Team Development and Leadership Development training and coaching. Using the world’s most reliable assessments, we are able to provide development and coaching tools that enable organizations ...


Training and Coaching Programs

  • High-Performing Team

    This training program is highly interactive, effective and enjoyable way to build trust and reduce conflict in any team.

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  • High-performing Team Advanced

    The design of this Program is perfectly suited for quick, high-impact learning and positive change in the team’s effectiveness.

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  • Individual Coaching

    The Program is designed to develop a practical action plan to enhance individual’s performance. It offers strategies ...

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Here at RElive Coaching, we have fashioned our SUCCESS DISCOVERY Programs for Individuals to include TTI Success Insights® personalized assessments. These assessments, which are based on five distinct behavioral sciences, empower individuals to discover their talents, redefine themselves ...


Success Discovery Programs

  • General Program: for gaining insight on achieving both personal and professional goals, developing leadership aptitudes, and unraveling hidden talents.

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  • Career Insights Program: for choosing the right career path, optimizing work performance and exploring career opportunities.

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  • Relationships Program: for strengthening communication, managing conflicts and building strong relationship with people.

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Training and Workshops

Here at RElive Coaching, we offer workshops and highly interactive live training programs with personalized assessments, case studies, group and individual exercises, role playing, and facilitated discussions.


Training Programs and Workshops

  • Open Training Programs

    The design of our Training Programs is perfectly suited for quick, high-impact learning and positive change in the personal or professional life of an individual or group of individuals.

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  • Workshops

    Our workshops are intense and offer hands-on experience in a highly informative and enjoyable format. If you don't know which training program is the best fit for you, and you want to get a sense of how a particular program will benefit you, join us at one of our workshops!

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Life Coaching

The main goal of life coaching is to empower you and support you in the realization of your full potential and transitioning towards the life you desire. In coaching, the starting point is your aspiration for personal growth and for making a change. It’s about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be ...


Life Coaching Services

  • What is Coaching?

    Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership ...

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  • How can Coaching help me?

    Coaching helps people in many different aspects of their lives...

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  • Coaching Sessions and Packages

    Coaching services are provided in three languages: English, Lithuanian and Russian...

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